Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rental Agreement


Rental Agreement

***You Must be 25 years of age to rent the cabin***


____1. Rental Fee of $300.00 and a separate check for a Security Deposit of $150.00 are due two weeks prior to reservation date. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope. Please make checks payable to the Lower Providence Community Club. Mail to: LPCC, PO Box 78684 Charlotte, NC  28271

____2. The Cabin has been cleaned and inspected prior to your arrival.  Please make sure you leave it in the same condition. You will find guidelines posted by main entrance and in kitchen.

Return all furniture to original positions, sweep floors and wipe all tables, please roll table cloths, do not fold them and return table cloths to tables. They are numbered to match the number on the table.

____3. The renter is responsible for condition of the property during the rental period. Any damages will be renter’s responsibility. No Glitter of any kind is to be used in the Cabin

NO SMOKING INSIDE CABIN.  There is a designated smoking area in the parking lot.

We ask that you do not decorate or use the Wagon Wheel.

____4. The cabin does not provide paper goods, cleaning supplies or trash bags. This includes paper towels and toilet paper.

____5. Empty your items from the refrigerator and trash containers. Remember to check the restrooms.

____6. All trash both inside and outside must be taken with you when you leave.

____7. Turn off the air conditioner or the natural gas heaters and do not turn down the AC below 72 degrees.  (do not turn off pilot lights of the heaters).

____8. Make sure that any fires in the fireplace have been thoroughly extinguished and place the fire screen securely on the hearth.

____9. Make sure all lights are turned off.

____10. Check that all windows and doors are shut tight and/or locked.  Lock cabin and gate.

____11. In accordance with the Charlotte City Noise Ordinance:

Sec. 15-64. Amplified Sound. (a) It shall be unlawful to: (1) Operate OR ALLOW THE OPERATION of any sound amplification equipment so as to create sounds registering 50db (A) between 9:00pm and 9:00am.  Noise should not interfere with our neighbors inside their homes.

____12. Maximum capacity due to City of Charlotte Fire Department is 70 people.

____13. The renter is responsible for any cost related to fines issued with regard to noise violations.

____14. NO alcoholic drinks will be served or made available to minors or impaired persons. Cabin owners are to be held harmless in case of any incident.

_____15.  Absolutely NO alcohol may be consumed by underage persons anywhere, both inside and outside the structure(s) or within any vehicle situated on the property, within the boundaries of the property.

_____16.  No ‘pay to enter’ parties.   (Legitimate fundraisers are allowed and we reserve the right to be the sole arbiters of what is considered legitimate…please consult us if you have any questions).

_____17.  Parties must end by 11 pm and the property vacated by 12 am.

_____18   Any form of disturbance to any inhabitant(s) of the local community will be considered a violation of this rental agreement.  (We retain the right to be the sole arbiters of what constitutes a disturbance.)

_____19.  Any violation of Federal, State or Local Laws or Ordinances will be considered a failure to comply with this rental agreement.

_____20.  At our sole discretion, any party may be immediately terminated due to violation of this rental agreement without refund of any and all monies paid or deposited.

_____21.  No alterations of any sort to any part or portion of the property, including structures, vegetation, or anything, both natural or man-made, located within the confines of the boundaries of the property are allowed to occur without prior written consent of the Lower Providence Community House Rental Committee or their representative.

_____22.  Any failure to comply with all the stipulations set forth in this rental agreement either written or implied by commission or omission will result in a minimum forfeiture of all monies paid or deposited and possible subsequent legal action.

_____23.  Any legal action, including but not limited to, fines, legal fees, or whatsoever incurred as a result of any rental agreement made by any person, entity or entities will be the sole responsibility of the renter without recourse of any kind against the Lower Providence Community House or any individual acting on their behalf.

_____24.  We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone.


(All items must be initialed by the renter)


Please Note:

The Lower Providence Community House is designated as an Historical Landmark

by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Landmarks Commission.

The members take great care to preserve and protect it as it continues

to be a gathering place in the Lower Providence area.

Thank You in joining with us in caring for and enjoying the Cabin.





Renter Signature______________________

Print Name___________________________



Phone Number: _________________________________

Drivers License   State   and Number: __________________


Cabin Keeper Signature____________________________


Date of Rental __________/__________/___________

Time requested for cabin to be open _______________


By my signature(s) contained herein on this rental agreement signed into force

on this ________ day of ________(month) in ________(year),

I, _____________________  known as the aforementioned ‘renter’ agree to

all the stipulations contained herein and agree to abide by all the responsibilities

and rules contained herein both written and implied.